Kitesurf Spot in Matalascañas – Huelva

Spots de Kitesurf en Matalascañas - Huelva


Apart from the innumerable attractions of Matalascañas, Doñana Beach, we can also consider it a heavenly Spot for the practice of Kitesurf.

Winds with which you can practice:

-West Wind (West – Southwest): This is the predominant wind of this spot and with the one that we can enjoy for entering rather clean and constant. When the wind blows, it is during the spring and summer seasons thanks to the thermal winds.

-East wind (East – Southeast): This wind does not occur very often in this Spot but when the uprising is very strong in the Strait it arrives quite well at this Spot. It enters alone in times of spring and summer and the thermal wind makes that it is more southed and arrives better to the coast.

-Northwest Wind: We are lucky to have one of the only Spot of Huelva where you can navigate with this type of wind when the orientation of the wind is not very northed thanks to the curved orientation that has this Spot with what the wind enters parallel to the line of coast. This type of wind is usually given in autumn and winter mainly.

Preferred areas for practice.
In winter due to the best reception of the wind is usually practiced next to the sticks that delimits the beach with the Coto de Doñana, in the area of Pueblo Andaluz or in the central area of the Beach where is the Almenara Torre Club.
In summer you have to keep in mind that you can only practice the sport legally entering and leaving to the sea by the nautical channels properly signalized respecting the other users who use that channel. At this time it is advisable to get away from the crowd and choose the quietest beach areas that are found in the old campsite, direction to the neighboring beach of Mazagón where we can find in some seasons Kitesurf zones depending on whether they have been Granted or not by the City Council in that year.



Point of sale, repair, information and school of Kitesurf, Sup and Surf:
Tlf: 687958686 (Dani Cano)


Restaurant recommended for eating and drinking:
Chiringuito La Cabaña. Located in the beach next to Hotel Flamero.

Aquatic entertainment company advised:
Rental of jet skis, jet skiing, pedal boats and Kayak rentals …