Tandem Kitesurfing

Tamatoa Gillot is one of the first kiteboarders who shares his feelings on Tandem kitesurfing. Thanks to this new sport, you can imagine the craziest things to do by 2 : Double Pleasure in kiteboarding.

Tamatoa has developed a kite harness, which allows him to carry a person. For the moment, he only takes with him women… Sorry guys!
Tamatoa deserves credit. His project is great and allows an opening on the discipline. You’ll be able to share your passion for this individual sport
On this episode you’ll see Tamatoa kite with Léa Bernadet former high-level skier. At the age of 19 years, Lea has been the victim of an alpine accident that made her paralyzed. “Putting up Lea was intense. I totally obscured her handicap, then I realized that the position for a quadriplegic in handisport is a sitting one, at the opposite of what we were doing! It was a lot of emotion for both of us”