Unroll your lines in 10 seconds with Looper Kites

[:es]Recoge tus líneas en 10 segundos con Looper Kites[:en]Unroll your lines in 10 seconds with Looper Kites[:] 4

Did not you know this great invention to pick up or extend your lines in 10 seconds?
Buscokite shows you and teaches you how to use it easily.

It is a device to roll up and position your lines, without having to go through the stretching process and place them in the correct position when setting up your kite.
It comes with a quick-release cover to store your Looper along with the bar.

The line organizer allows you to leave them in the correct position so you can connect them to your kite quickly without having to stretch and sort them. It is adapted for bars of 4 or 5 lines.

We started the test by setting up our equipment traditionally so that we could pick it up using the Looper.
At the beginning of the disassembly we were placing the lines in order in the organizer located in the center and numbered from 1 to 5, in this case we only use 4 slots of subjection to be a bar of 4 lines.

Once the cables have been secured we proceed to insert the lines through the upper slot next to the UP indication engraved in the Looper, this indication must be upwards for the slot to guide, so that the lines are correctly wound in the device.

We begin to turn the Looper and the lines are perfectly rolled in the reel until you reach the bar and block the rotation with two elastic bands of subjection.
Once the maneuver is finished we join the bar with the Looper and store it in its sheath.

When assembling we carry out the process in reverse, having to immobilize the bar in order to create a small tension in the lines, this way the device works correctly and we avoid some possible entanglement when unwinding.
When the lines are stretched, we only had to place them in the kite with the same order that they were removed, so all were arranged in place and the kite is ready to relaunch.

We leave you some videos demonstrating how to use the Looper so you do not have any doubts about how to use it correctly.


– Easy to use and manageable.

– You save time when mounting and dismounting avoiding unnecessary entanglements.

– Your bar is more protected with the carrying case.


– Not suitable for beginners, you must have something level so that the Looper helps you.

– The first time you use it may seem difficult, it’s just a matter of practice to make it easier than the traditional method.

-Another element to add in your team that occupies some more space.


– The test was favorable, easy to use, efficient, light and resistant, the case is very practical, and the most important of all is that it saves you time to use it by browsing.
The price is 29.90 $, which at the exchange is about 25 € for a device that in short helps you saving time.

We leave you links so that you can acquire your LOOPER KITES.

Web: www.looperkites.com
Facebook: @Looperkites

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