Kite review F-One Bandit X 2017 and F-One Mitu Monteiro Pro Model by Nacho Lara

Kite review F-One Bandit X 2017 y review F-One Mitu Monteiro Pro Model por Nacho Lara[:en]Kite review F-One Bandit X 2017 and F-One Mitu Monteiro Pro Model by Nacho Lara

We tested the new F-One Bandit X 2017 and F-One Mitu Monteiro Pro Model in Los Caños de Meca, Cadiz, exactly in Marisucia spot.
We started the test with 5 meters with about 28/30 knots, later we change to 7 meters when the wind went down, gusty wind as it is usually normal in this spot with Levante wind (East) but without any problem for the Bandit X.

The kite maintains its delta essence but this year has some modifications that greatly influences its performance. The Bandit X has a cut a bit tending to the open C that has become so popular in recent years, which gives an extra stability and fix the fall backwards that happened to the previous Bandit when the wind went down to 10 knots approx.

Otherwise it is a versatile kite with an incredible wind range, which allows both beginner and advanced riders in freestyle, waves and freeride to enjoy a smooth sailing.

The kite allows turns on its own axis and passes of the kite by the zone of power without a single pull, which is especially useful in waves and for beginners. When we release the bar the kite practically returns to the zenith and relaunching into the water is as simple as pulling one of the lines.

The materials are of very good quality with excellent durability. It offers three options to adjust in the direction lines, being able to choose between speed turns and tension in the bar. In this way, you can make the small, medium and large kite working in a very similar way.

The bar has two different sizes 45 and 52 with 21’8 meters of lines length. The short bar can be used with kites from 5 to 11 meters, leaving the long bar reserved for larger measures.

The pump has two systems, simple and double, which allows to choose between a softer or harder but faster. It brings a leash and three different sizes being able to use with all the kites in the market.

What to say about the Mitu Monteiro Pro Model?
It’s possibly the best surf kite board in the market. Lightweight, hardy and with a unique pad that gives unmatched navigation comfort. Flexible to the point of absorbing the choppy water without the rider perceiving it. It has a well balance that allows it to get very good turns and grips, perfect for surfing waves and its lightness and good grip that makes it ideal for strapless, not to mention the side rail that facilitates to the maximum the maneuvers that require grabs.
It is offered with a three-keel SCF system and there is a model that is convertible to hydrofoil.
There are four sizes available, 5’4, 5’6, 5’8 and 5’10.


Why F-One and Manera? I tried the first time an F-one kite in 2013 and I loved it, the simplicity of the bar, the response of the kite, even in large measures, its versatility and the solidity of its construction … You can do freestyle and waves with the Same kite without missing anything! I love how you can pass the kite from side to side of the window without almost noticing traction and the ease with which you can relaunch the water kite! The touch of the bar is very smooth and straight and with the trimages you can get your little kite to work just like your big kite, these three are fundamental advantages! Of the mitu we do not have to say anything … it is simply the best table of series that exists today in the market! His pad is incredibly comfortable and has a very high grip above the rest! It is very balanced in its weight and in the wave its behavior is excellent! Manera is the first season that I use, but the harness is very comfortable, almost free spin on lycra or neoprene, this is fundamental for surfing and for a lot of freestyle tricks! The quality of its construction makes me think that I will have harness for a while!

I recommend to KTS Tarifa as F-one distributor and Manera, very good deal and good prices, I leave the link of your store.

Os dejamos el video presentación de F-One Bandit 2017 y una entrevista a Raphaël Salles explicando las nuevas mejoras de la Bandit X 2017

Here the F-One Bandit 2017 presentation video and an interview with Raphaël Salles explaining the new improvements of the Bandit X 2017