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Dakhla is the kiting paradise, located in the very South of Morocco. And your accommodation is right next to the spot itself. What else!? A huge lagoon set in a lunar landscape with reliable thermal winds blowing across, makes it a stunning playground with plenty of space for everyone. The lagoon offers conditions for every level and every style. Perfectly flat water, waist deep locations and, where we meet the Ocean, great waves.

Depending on your weight, the wind presents itself in 6m to 11m kite size conditions. Due to cold nights and quicker heating of land compared to water during the day, perfect thermal winds are created, building up to 20 knots and more throughout the day.

Average air temperatures are 25°C in the summer and 22°C in winter, however it gets quite chilly in the evenings, so bring something to keep you warm. Water is a bit colder, between 16 and 20°C, therefore go with the water wear of your choice. We, however, feel most comfortable in a long 2/3 or 3/4mm wetsuit.

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