Kitesurf Spot El Puerto de Santa María (Valdelagrana Beach) – Cádiz

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Valdelagrana is one of the most extensive beaches of the Cadiz coast and for several years is a beach ideal for kitesurfing with wind west. It is located just 22 km from Jerez de la Frontera and 17 km from Cadiz making it a perfect meeting point for riders in the province and the surrounding area. It has impossible colors in the sunsets at any time of the year.



Areas preferred for practice.
The beach of Valdelagrana is very extensive, almost 8 km, as it’s part of buildings and another part, Los Toruños or Levante beach, which is a natural park. In the zone attached to the breakwater is the area that we have for practice throughout the year. It is a marked area and we can stay all year round, even in summer. During the rest of the year we are in that area in the “Mirador”, area that delimits the buildings with the natural park. In summer, in the area of the natural park is prohibited the navigation since there is fauna that nests in the months between June and August.



We have a kiteboard association ¨Valdelakiters¨ which thanks to it has managed to work together with the City of El Puerto de Santa Maria to be able to have that area for the whole year.

Winds with which you can navigater:

-Poniente Wind: (West – Southwest) This is the predominant wind of this spot and with which we can enjoy more by entering fairly clean and constant. When this wind blows the most is in the spring and summer season thanks to the thermal winds.

-Levante Wind: (East – Southeast) This wind predominates in summer or fall. With the wind of East (Levante) is navigated offshore, not advisable without someone being aware of possible failures or beginners. The south wind (side-shore) almost always comes with storms, brings some gusty winds and waves well formed. When this wind blows the most is in the spring and summer season thanks to the thermal winds.

-Northwest Wind: It is a wind coming in a few times a year, just as the rising is almost offshore. It is a fairly unstable wind and makes it difficult to navigate this beach.

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