Kitesurfing Tarifa – best kitesurf spot in Europe

Tarifa is the kitesurfing mecca in Europe, the city of the wind, which makes it very attractive for kiters from all over the world, who travel to Tarifa to enjoy kitesurfing, its beaches, gastronomy and nightlife.

Located at the southernmost point of Spain overlooking the coast of Africa. Tarifa is known for its east “levante” and west “poniente” winds that are strengthened by the Strait of Gibraltar.

Different conditions and spots that allow you to practice all kitesurfing disciplines in the same place.

Levante is a very strong wind with gusts entering through the Mediterranean Strait and that is strengthened in Tarifa blowing between 20 and 50 knots. The Poniente is a wind that comes from the Atlantic, a constant wind with days of good waves, especially in winter.

Thanks to its kilometers of white sand beach, it is a paradise for kitesurfing and wingfoiling with ideal conditions to enjoy kite all year round, although the best season is spring and summer due to the thermal winds.

In Tarifa you can not only do kitesurfing or wingfoil, it is a paradise for all kinds of outdoor sports, you have endless activities such as cycling, horse riding, surfing, sup, whale and dolphin watching, trekking, and on all its good vibes and nightlife.

Many pro riders from all over the world live in Tarifa so they can train all year round as it has a wide variety of conditions. There are different spots for each type of wind and modality. Balneario is the spot where all the pros sail with the Levante wind, it is only for experts since the wind is offshore, the wind here is less gusty than in Valdevaqueros since it comes directly from the Mediterranean.

The best months are spring, summer and autumn, although in Tarifa there is wind all year round and in winter there are also very good days of waves and beaches only with local riders. In summer it is very crowded in August.

types of wind

The two prevailing winds are Levante (EAST) and Poniente (WEST).

The Levante that comes from land is a predominantly strong wind between 20 and over 40 knots and does not stop blowing all day and night and sometimes even lasting for weeks. It is a gusty wind and the best days are when Levante begins and ends with a less gusty wind.

When there is a strong Levante, people usually go to Caños de Meca or Palmones and Getares.

For Caños de Meca the wind usually comes in after the second or third day of strong Levante in Tarifa.

In this other article you have more information about the Caños de Meca kitesurfing spot

In Palmones and Getares, when there is Levante, there is usually wind from morning to noon.


For the lift there are several spots:

The Balneario kitesurf spot is where the wind is less gusty and is right in front of the town of Tarifa where the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean border, only suitable for professionals since the wind is offshore and if something happens to you, the sea will will go in towards Africa.

The sets, also with wind on the high seas and more gusty than in the Spa with rescue boat service. They have redemption bonds and if you don’t have a bond they rescue you but it is more expensive than having the bond.

The rescue service companies are “Tarifa Rescue – New Angels” and “Sea Rescue”

Valdevaqueros, land wind and gusty but if something happens to you you end up in the dunes of Punta Paloma

When the Levante is very strong, people usually go to Palmones and Getares and also to Caños de Meca, here you have to take a good look at the forecast because it can be even more gusty than in Tarifa.


The other wind is the poniente, a westerly wind that comes from the Atlantic Sea. A constant wind between 10 and 25 knots and usually enters at noon. When the west blows the temperature drops. Sometimes good waves form, especially in winter.

In high season from June to August there are restrictions and you can only kite in Los Lances past the soccer field, Valdevaqueros and Punta Paloma.


Bolonia Tarifa Kitesurfing Spot
wind: Levante y Poniente
level: all
good for: Freeride
NOTE: kitesurfing is forbidden here in summer, usually a windsurfing spot, good waves during winter

Valdevaqueros Punta Paloma Tarifa Kitesurfing Spot
wind: Levante y Poniente
level: all
good for: Freeride / Freestyle / Wave

Arte Vida Tarifa Kitesurfing Spot
wind: Poniente
level: intermediate – expert
good for: Freeride / Wave
NOTE: kitesurfing is forbidden in summer

Los Lances North Tarifa Kitesurfing Spot
wind: Levante y Poniente
level: all
good for: Freeride

Rio Jara Alta Mar Tarifa Kitesurfing Spot
wind: Levante
level: experto
good for: Wave
NOTE: forbidden in summer, wind in open sea, no rescue service

Rio Jara Lagoon Tarifa Kitesurfing Spot
Kitesurfing activities in the coastal lagoon (Lagoon) are prohibited, as well as in the Jara River and its mouth. It is a protected natural area and a special conservation area and a protection area for birds.

Los Lances Tarifa Kitesurfing Spot
wind: Poniente
level: all
good for: Freeride / Wave
NOTE: forbidden in summer

Balneario Tarifa Kitesurfing Spot
wind: Levante and Poniente
level: expert
good for: Freestyle (Levante), Freeride / Wave (Poniente)
NOTE: forbidden to kite in summer, with offshore Levante wind, current, very small spot for experts

Kitepassion Tarifa
KitePassion Tarifa Kiteschool, Calle la Linea de la Concepcion, Tarifa, España